Jeopardy! Categories Word Cloud


During the Watson-related madness earlier this year I wrote a script to put all of the Jeopardy! game data from J! Archive into a SQL database (they have no API so I parsed the very-broken HTML for each game). I never ended up doing anything with the data, but there’s been renewed interest around the house in this data so I took some time to make a word cloud of the Jeopardy! categories.

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Robert K SApril 12th, 2011 at 17:52

In response to your tweet, our data isn’t under any license, and we don’t like the idea of our data-entry work product being scraped and redistributed. Scraping the data is easy but building the database to begin with is hard. Everybody wants to do the easy thing but few pitch in to do the hard thing. In response to the above, we’d appreciate suggestions that fix any “very broken”-ness in our markup.

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