Recent Readings

  • How MySpace Tested Their Live Site With 1 Million Concurrent Users – Until recently at ITA I ran the reservation performance testing group in operations and can appreciate how hard it is to do good performance testing, and the scale of this experiment is awesome. The article is light on details but the comment by Todd Hoff makes this worth a read.
  • 20 DevOps Guys You Should Follow – Smart people who blog about operations & development hanging out together.
  • What Is DevOps? – Another “What is DevOps?” post, but you should read it because it is by Damon Edwards and includes this image:

This pretty much sums it up. (via Damon Edwards)

  • Who Owns The Application – Collaborate and communicate.
  • A Few Billion Lines Of Code Later – Excellent article about the evolution of Coverity‘s static code analysis tool from a research project to a real product. I think this article does an good job of illustrating that what your customer wants and needs and is almost never what you expect. Everyone who has been in startup will identify with the problems Coverity faced (and is probably still facing).